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Today lower back pain is one of the most common complaints people have. Reports show that over 33 million people worldwide annually seek out alternative therapies such as massage for their lower back pain relief.  This figure is astounding and just goes to show the severity of this issue.

Lower back pain is an ache or pain that is located in the area between the lower part of your rib cage to the upper part of your hips. Lower back pain can affect men or women of any age group, however it is most commonly found in adults ranging from age 35 to 55. People that must work a job that requires them to lift or carry heavy objects, spend a lot of time in one position, standing or sitting, or doing a lot of bending over are at the highest risk of developing lower back pain.

Top Massage Chair Models to Reduce Back Pain (sciatica)

best massage chairThere are various treatments that can be used to reduce chronic lower back pain; these include the use of a best massage chair such as reviewed on Healthnerdy, regular treatments from a massage therapist, traditional over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol.

Other methods that may be helpful are acupuncture, topical ointments, electrical stimulation from a Tens unit, and decompression therapy. However many have found that some of the most effective treatments for lower back pain are exercises that strengthen the lower back muscles, stretching of the lower back and the regular use of a massage chair.

It is always highly recommended that you consult your doctor before you try any of these alternative solutions to your lower back pain (pros and cons of a massaging chairs). They will conduct the proper test to eliminate any underlying medical conditions, side effects that may be causing your lower back pain. If none of these alternative treatments help in the reduction of your lower back pain then your only option may be to undergo a surgical procedure however this will be a decision that you and your doctor must make together.

back painIn conclusion if you are a sufferer of chronic lower back pain, as is the author, finding a treatment that will help in reducing or elevating your lower back pain is a very high priority. I recommend the use of our newest massage chair the Osaki OS-4000  and find out how effective are top massage chairs for sciatica pain.

Other good chair brands include: INADA DreamWave, Relaxon, Real Relax, BestMassage,Human Touch iJoy-2580, Kahuna, Merax, Ideal.

We are always looking for way to help improve people’s lives, so he is always looking to educating himself in methods that help relieve individual’s pain and discomfort. Our expertise is related to zero gravity massage chairs and how they benefit sufferers of many chronic conditions. He himself suffers from chronic back pain and he has found great relief by using massage chairs.

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