Mission Statement

The aim of the Housing Department of Bray Town Council is:

“To provide and facilitate the provision of suitable quality and cost effective housing accommodation.”

In addition to building houses, Bray Town Council provides a number of other housing services including a range of loans and grants to build, improve, adapt or buy houses; a maintenance and repair service for its own rented housing stock; an improvement scheme to privately owned houses (as an alternative to rehousing the owner or family member) to name but a few.

Bray Town Council undertakes a Multi-Annual Building Programme of Social Housing to provide housing for people who are unable to provide accomodation for themselves. A waiting list of approved applicants is operated and houses are awarded to applicants most in need, on a ‘letting’ basis, in accordance with the Scheme of Letting Priorities.

Most rented houses are available for purchase by the existing sitting tenants under the terms of the Tenant Purchase Scheme in force

Housing Counter Opening Hours:

9:00 – 1:00
2:00 – 5:00

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