Twinned Towns

Twinned Towns

The town of Bray is twinned with the towns of Werzburg, Germany ; Begles, France; and Dublin, California.

Every year, delegates representing the town of Bray, including members and staff of Bray Town Council, pay visits to and host their counterparts in France, Germany and the US.

These visits help promote Bray and its image abroad, and foster important links between Ireland and other nations.

Some information about the towns


Photo of WurzburgWerzburg is located in Bavaria, Germany. Situated on the Main river, it is the capital of the region, the Regierungsbezirk Unterfranken.

Wrzburg has strong links with Ireland. Although it dates to about 1000 BC, it was christianised by the Irish Missionary St. Kilian in 689. Today, the city is an administrative centre, and contains a large university. It is also widely rec ognised as a beautiful city, with many stately buildings; including a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


As the name suggests, Dublin California also has strong links to Ireland. Many of its 30,000-odd inhabitants are American Irish, and the town maintains some strong Irish traditions, including its highly praised annual St. Patrick’s day celabrations.

Photo of Dublin, CADublin has some very interesting preserved historical sites, such as the Murray schoolhouse and Saint Redmond’s church, mostly dating from the nineteenth century. A major road, the Dublin Boulevard, was part of the Lincoln highway – the first coast-to-coast highway in the US


Begles is a town with a population of about 25,000. Due to its close proximity to Bordeaux, Begles has access to excellent amenities such as a university and excellent transportation facilities including airports, railways and roads.

Begles is located in the heart of the famous Aquitaine region; an area renowned for its wine, rivers and tourism. Many of the worlds most renowned vineyards are located within a stone’s throw of the town. Begles is also very close to the Dordogne, an area of great natural beauty. The nearby Atlantic coast offers many more activities as well.

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